Management System

Rumah Amal Cahaya Kasih Bestari Chart.

Ustaz Hamzah Busu

Puan Wan Rokiah

Puan Aina

Financial Source

Rumah Amal Cahaya Kasih Bestari doesn’t have fixed financial source.

Rumah Amal Cahaya Expancive:
Dormitory rent and staff home (14 pieces) = RM15,050.00
foods and drinks expenses (80 people X RM8.00) = RM19,200.00
Petrol and vehicle maintenance = RM7,097.00
Electricity, water and telephone bill = RM 7,150
Staff Allowance (19 People) = RM7,600.00
Management and Administration = RM2,000.00
Student pokect money (RM2.00 X 55 person X 22 days) = RM 2,420.00
Others = RM2,000.00<> Total Monthly Liability RM 62, 517.00 !!!

According to Mrs. Aina (One of the managers there) The amount of incentive collection is RM5000.00 to RM7000.00 a month from the public and not enough to cover their needs. But thera people are contributing in terms of giving rice, sugar, oil, clothing and other necessities.